Word-Level Readers Teacher Notes

  Teacher Notes - Fun in the Mud!

 Teacher Notes - Oh, What a Mess

 Teacher Notes - Camping with Dad

 Teacher Notes - Papa Henry

 Teacher Notes - The Little Kitten

Teacher Notes - A Breakfast Surprise

Teacher Notes - A Bee for Breakfast

 Teacher Notes - Beachball Games

 Teacher Notes - My Hair Cut

 Teacher Notes - Walter and the Wasps

 Teacher Notes - Beans for Dad

 Teacher Notes - Goodnight Baby Bear

 Teacher Notes - Amy the Snail

 Teacher Notes - We Love Winter

 Teacher Notes - Ruby the Tooth Fairy

 Teacher Notes - Look in a Book

 Teacher Notes - Mrs Rush-Around and Lily's Fish

 Teacher Notes - What was that?

 Teacher Notes - Dad Makes Scones

 Teacher Notes - The Bunk Pirates

 Teacher Notes - A Fox an a Box

 Teacher Notes - Queen Mab's Secret

 Teacher Notes - The Flying Carpet

 Teacher Notes - Monty the Mouse

 Teacher Notes - Troy's First Day

 Teacher Notes - Rory and the Storm

 Teacher Notes - The Cave Rescue

 Teacher Notes - The Bush Walk

 Teacher Notes - My Cat Gertie

 Teacher Notes - Birthday Skates

 Teacher Notes - The Greedy Beast

 Teacher Notes - Mike and the Ice Queen

 Teacher Notes - Just Right

 Teacher Notes - Five Busy Bees

 Teacher Notes - Marooned

 Teacher Notes - Mum's Birthday Treat

 Teacher Notes - The Go-Cart Race

 Teacher Notes - Stormy

 Teacher Notes - Plunk Dunk

 Teacher Notes - A Special Event

 Teacher Notes - A Visit to Egypt

 Teacher Notes - The Real Mrs Hooper

 Teacher Notes - Raspberry Fizz

 Teacher Notes - Kindness

 Teacher Notes - The Pony Express

 Teacher Notes - Snap

 Teacher Notes - A Holiday Swap

 Teacher Notes - A Lucky Find

 Teacher Notes - The Barnyard Dance

 Teacher Notes - A Bee that Sneezed

 Teacher Notes - Worms, Worms, Worms

 Teacher Notes - Cora and the Firestorm

 Teacher Notes - Market Music

 Teacher Notes - Shona and Shay Save the Ocean

 Teacher Notes - Grace's Neighbours

 Teacher Notes - Charlie the Sleepy Bee

 Teacher Notes - Lime Green Ice Cream

 Teacher Notes - A Real Treasure

 Teacher Notes - Stuart's News

 Teacher Notes - Tree Hut tricks